Achieving More Together 

How we achieved €320 MM in revenue / 1300 employees through organic growth and Mergers & Acquisitions. And why we will continue to outpace market growth.

Early in the evolution of TIMETOACT GROUP we discovered the power of synergy. After experiencing firsthand how 1+1 can make 3, we made Buy and Build an integral part of our growth strategy. Together we create Win-Win-Win situations for our customers, employees, and founders/shareholders. 

The IT Services Market Consolidation Will Accelerate

The IT services industry is still young, and the market is widely dispersed. In Germany alone, the IT industry comprises more than 11,000 companies with 10-50 employees, 3300 companies with 50-250 employees and only 700 companies with more than 250 employees and revenue of over €50 MM revenue (Federal Statistical Office of Germany). In other countries, the market is similarly dispersed. You do not need to be a historian to safely predict that the IT services industry is ripe for a long-lasting and ever accelerating market consolidation. 

What are the driving forces for the market consolidation?


Customers want to reduce complexity in their supply chains and prefer capable partners that provide integrated digital consulting and IT services across multiple disciplines.


Larger companies are winning the War for Talents not only offer better career opportunities and fringe benefits but also accelerated dynamic.


IT vendors such as Atlassian, Google and Microsoft have a strong bias towards larger partners with more marketing, delivery, and sales power.


Customers, employees, governments and partners burden us with increasing numbers of requirements and regulations for business continuity, data protection, and environmental, social and governance issues.

What Makes Us Special?

Our Umbrella- & Multi-Brand Strategy allows us to achieve economies of scale and avoid diseconomies of scale. We combine the advantages of specialized IT companies with the benefits of large and integrated IT consulting and service companies.

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

TIMETOACT GROUP offers managing partners – and their companies – the chance to join a strong community with others. 

  • Focus on your core competences

  • Take advantage of shared services

  • Sharpen your brand profile

  • Reinvest proceeds with high ROI

  • Get the opportunity to merge acquired companies into the own company

  • Receive access to 1000+ customers

  • Increase financial strength and credibility for large tenders

  • Reduce risks

  • Adopt best practices

  • Generate synergies


Alexander Frank, Co-Founder und Geschäftsführer der catworkx GmbH (Austria)

We were thrilled by the alignment of our values and common goals with TIMETOACT GROUP: A fair and respectful treatment of employees, business partners, and customers, as well as continuous development to keep pace with societal and technological changes. TIMETOACT GROUP proved to be the ideal reinforcement for our then still young, six-year-old company. In the currently rapidly growing future market, the diverse synergies of a company as broadly positioned as TIMETOACT GROUP offer a real advantage. The concentrated expertise within the TIMETOACT GROUP represents a clear added value for complex and interdisciplinary projects of our customers, as well as the financing options for special licensing. This became particularly clear in the past, which was a very challenging year for us. Thanks to the support of the entire corporate group, we were ultimately stronger than all challenges and experienced the most successful year since our company was founded.

Alexander FrankCo-Founder and Managing Director of catworkx GmbH (Austria)(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2022)

We joined TIMETOACT GROUP and merged with catworkx to achieve economies of scale and to focus on our core competencies. Together we can serve our customers better and, e.g. provide ample integration with Microsoft and SAP. We can leverage TIMETOACT GROUPs and catworkx organizational structures and utilize their professional internal processes and tooling. The selection of TIMETOACT GROUP as strategic partner was chosen carefully over a long term. We are super satisfied with the results, are now going for the peak together.

Björn FrauenCo-Managing Director, catworkx(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2023 as Managing Director of STAGIL, merged onto catworkx in 2023)

Seizing opportunities, shaping the future: We at Walldorf Consulting GmbH have found our trusted partner in driving growth through strategic transformations and acquisitions. After just a few months, we are already serving customers together with other TIMETOACT GROUP companies and generating new opportunities in both directions.

Hanno HofmannManaging Director, Walldorf Consulting GmbH(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2023)

In the spring of 2022, as a small IT company, we were looking for a strong partner for the future. The contact with TIMETOACT was very friendly right from the start, both on a personal and on a professional level. The M&A process was highly professional and was completed in just a few months. Looking back and after the successful integration of OpenAdvice into TIMETOACT, we can say that our expectations have been fully met. The central services such as recruiting, finance and marketing relieve us of day-to-day business, and we can concentrate even better on our projects. We would choose to work with TIMETOACT again at any time.

Markus FürstHead of Monitoring & Service Assurance Business Unit, TIMETOACT(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2022 as Managing Director of openAdvice GmbH)

After many years of steady success, our development as an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner reached a natural limit, especially in the area of upper to mid-sized companies and corporations. We were no longer able to adequately serve our target customers and their increased requirements, due to our size. By merging and reinvesting in TIMETOACT GROUP, we have joined a circle of experienced leaders. The potential for cross-selling and other huge synergy effects alone allows us to lift our company to a completely new level. And at the same time, we're offering future catworkx leaders a whole new perspective.

Michael LüerManaging Director catworkx GmbH (Germany) and CEO of the catworkx Group(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2022)

When you are in your 50s and have spent the last 20-30 years building a successful IT company, you should ask yourself in good time how things will continue on a social level. For us at PKS, this topic came up in 2021. We wanted a future-proof solution for our employees, to actively involve ourselves in the generational transition, and to take the PKS brand to a new level. We found what we were looking for at TIMETOACT GROUP: here we found down-to-earth managers and experienced owners who not only buy and fully integrate companies, but also value individuality and flexibility. So today we are part of the GROUP, benefit from synergy effects and can continue to dive deep into the topic closest to our hearts: software analysis and legacy modernization for IBM platforms.

Heidi SchmidtManaging Director & CEO, PKS Software GmbH(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2022)

After 20 years of "going it alone", IPG has been benefiting from the power and charisma of TIMETOACT GROUP since 2021. Together, we create even more value and advantages for our customers. As an entrepreneur and co-owner of IPG, I am convinced, now more than ever, that this was the right step. Furthermore, as a shareholder of TIMETOACT GROUP I now participate in the success of the entire GROUP of companies and I feel just as committed to the development of TIMETOACT GROUP as I do to IPG, which I had previously built up over 20 years, and which continues to operate independently in its business segment. 

Marco RohrerCEO, IPG Information Process Group Holding AG(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2021)

After it became clear that our two GIS founders, having shaped our company for almost 25 years, would soon be unavailable or retiring, we decided that GIS should join a larger group of companies. TIMETOACT GROUP impressed us with its multi-brand-strategy, which allowed us to keep our entrepreneurial spirit while connecting with like-minded colleagues on all levels. After more than five years as part of TIMETOACT GROUP, a lot has changed. We merged with our sister company, novaCapta, on our own initiative to form one of the leading Microsoft partners in the German-speaking region. Today, TIMETOACT GROUP still stands for cordial relationship between all employees, mutual respect, personal development opportunities for every colleague, growth prospects for the topics that we care about and the strong entrepreneurial drive to evolve on behalf of our customers.

Marcus SchneiderManaging Director, novaCapta GmbH(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2018 as CEO of GIS AG)
Portraitbild von Eric Chall Geschäftsführer der novaCapta GmbH

What convinced me was the idea of "achieving more together" combined with the freedom to continue developing novaCapta independently. Without TIMETOACT GROUP, we would not have succeeded in growing to become one of the largest dedicated Microsoft partners, with over 250 employees.

Eric ChallManaging Director, novaCapta GmbH(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2013, 6 add-On acquisitions from 2010-2021)

The successful sale of the company is the result of exceptional collaboration. Together we proved that teamwork, strategic vision, and a strong corporate culture pave the way to success. We were able to stay as we are and grow where we needed to. We continue to look forward to a promising future in which we will explore new horizons together and continue our success story.

Anneliese Wasserer-FörgManaging Director, edcom(Joined TIMETOACT GROUP in 2007, merged onto TIMETOACT GmbH in 2023)

What Distinguishes Us and Where We Want to Go

Strong Organic Growth

All TIMETOACT GROUP companies / brands share the same business model and sell to the same customer base (upper mid-market, global enterprises, and the public sector). We push customer penetration through cross-selling with dedicated client strategy partners and cross-selling incentives.

Buy & Build

Our investor gives us the "firepower" to continue acquiring several companies each year. And we will continue to integrate our processes and IT-systems with a single directory, mail & collaboration, intranet, marketing automation, CMS, CRM, ERP, corporate performance management, HRM, skill management, service management, resource planning, etc. Almost all these platforms are State-of-the-Art cloud platforms.

Our Shared Services for Cross-Company Cooperation

Companies that are part of TIMETOACT GROUP benefit from our shared services. These are central services that we provide across the GROUP and which support companies in their daily business.

Customer Care

Support for our customers and optimization of customer processes.

Finance and Accounting

Central payroll accounting and financial accounting for all companies of the GROUP.

People and Culture

Optimization of recruiting and contact point for any questions of the employees.

IT Services

Provision of cross-company IT infrastructure and first-, second-, third-level support.

Management Systems

Coordination of cross-company projects like data protections and sustainability.


Central point of contact for a wide range of day-to-day office topics.


Graphics, online and event marketing for individual companies and for the umbrella brand.


We work together on a daily basis and exchange information regularly.


"We win new companies for TIMETOACT GROUP, we do not acquire them!"

Frank Fuchs
CFO, M&A. Partner since 2018, MD & Shareholder since 2021TIMETOACT GROUPContact

"For me, leading means first and foremost "bringing together". TIMETOACT GROUP only exists because we have created a work environment that is beneficial for the individual to achieve more together."

Felix Binsack
Business Strategy. Founded TIMETOACT 1998, MD & ShareholderTIMETOACT GROUPContact

"Since we all serve the same upper-mid-and enterprise market, cross-group selling and staffing takes place at all levels."

Hermann Ballé
People & Culture, Sales. Partner since 1999, MD & Shareholder since 2001TIMETOACT GROUPContact


We are the leading independent provider of digital transformation and IT service solutions in DACH.

+ €320MM

Revenue in 2023

+ 45%

Total growth p.a.







Our Buy & Build Track Record

We have a proven track record in the acquisition and integration of IT service companies into TIMETOACT GROUP. We have managed to keep customers and employees happy and grow the companies we have acquired.

An Insight Into Past Acquisitions

Our Values, our Aspiration