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Microsoft FinOps - Cloud Cost Optimization

Microsoft is the largest cost block for IT service providers in many companies. We help you create transparency here and reduce costs sustainably.Get in touch with us

Microsoft cloud costs too high?

Not with our FinOps services!

FinOps for Microsoft deals with cloud cost optimization especially for the manufacturer Microsoft and its services. Due to the very large variety of products and the different areas of application (desktop applications such as Office, cloud services, security, etc.), Microsoft products can be found in almost every company in the world.

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Do you know these challenges when using the Microsoft Cloud?

  • The costs for Azure and M365 services are constantly rising. The high complexity of the invoices makes it difficult to get transparency.
  • Microsoft Cloud services are ordered and purchased without involving the finance departments.
  • The individual features of the ordered services are difficult to understand and complex.

We are here for you.

We optimize your Microsoft Cloud costs

TIMETOACT offers license management and compliance consulting in the Microsoft area, as well as technical consulting (e.g. on the use of Azure services).

FinOps for Microsoft combines these two areas. Our technical expertise sets us apart from other service providers who often only focus on the licensing side. With our experts, we can analyze your Azure tool stack in detail and extract the greatest possible value for you. 

Microsoft Cloud Cost Assessment:

We look at the totality of costs incurred in our tested and proven Microsoft Cloud cost analysis. We have experts for the commercial side of the issue as well as technical specialists to ensure the holistic view. We look at the following points in detail:

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There are various options for purchasing Microsoft licenses. Depending on your flexibility needs, different contracts may be suitable.

  • We analyze your contracts and the need for licenses. You will receive recommendations for the next contract negotiation and for alternative purchase models. 

"One size fits all" is a frequently applied standard in companies. This is often not only expensive, but also completely oversized. For example, the Microsoft E3 license is often assigned even though various services are not required.

  • We check the actual license usage of the users and can determine which users do not need licensed features. We also check which users are inactive.

Correct use of the AHUB can save up to 50% of the costs for IaaS or PaaS products. Activating the AHUB is hardly complex, but it is more difficult to keep track of whether enough licenses are available. Often, clear processes and responsibilities are missing.

  • We check the applicability of the AHUB as well as alternative procurement options for licenses. Furthermore, we check whether the appropriate governance is in place in the company to be able to apply the AHUB compliantly. 

Correct application of the RI can save up to 60% of the cost of IaaS or even PaaS products. 

  • We review the current usage of RI as well as an applicability to other PaaS and IaaS solutions.
Fast implementation of the cost assessment

Our cost assessment can be performed in a time-saving manner. We only need some standard information from the Office Admin Portal or read access to the Azure Portal and the associated contractual documents. Optimally, we can implement the entire project in about one month. 

Result report with optimization potentials

As a result of our cost assessment, you receive a comprehensive report with the potential savings and further optimizations. We evaluate your Azure usage in detail and break down the costs to the individual services.

360° service for optimal Microsoft Cloud costs

Commercial & technical consulting

The TIMETOACT FinOps team combines competencies from the areas of software asset management and cloud (technical), which enables us to work for you both commercially and as technical consultants and to achieve the optimal result. Due to the complexity and the large scope of the topic, this interaction is the prerequisite to be able to offer the topic FinOps holistically.

Unique service

This set-up of commercial and technical expertise distinguishes us from our competitors, who are often either too focused on the technical side (IT infrastructure, IT administration) or the commercial side (IT license management, IT controlling). Furthermore, we are completely independent from the various cloud service providers.

Our approach

To get the most out of your Microsoft Cloud costs, the following approach to Microsoft Cloud cost assessment has proven effective:

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