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Intelligent Document Processing

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What ist Intelligent Document Processing?

  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) involves the capture, recognition and classification of business documents and data from unstructured and semi-structured texts.

IDP uses the latest technologies to automatically find case-relevant information in the abundance of documents and to control further processing in context. The new modules use Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, Text Mining and AI. This reduces costs, increases quality and speed and prepares a better basis for decision-making.


Fast processing of documents

Insurers have to process large quantities of partially unstructured documents: Applications, complex claim files, expert reports, customer letters. These are heterogeneous: they contain free text, tables, images, forms, etc. and come via different channels.

Whether customer service, claims or benefit processes: For customer satisfaction, it is crucial how quickly and intelligently documents are processed and communicated about.


Intelligent Document Processing as a success factor

Claims and benefits processes account for a large part of the insurer's operational costs. Successful insurers master Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and go far beyond OCR/ICR. AI, machine learning and other automation techniques are also used. Issues are automatically recognised and classified, specialised data extracted and fed into a digital workflow.

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Four good reasons for Intelligent Document Processing:

Benefit from the advantages of Intelligent Document Processing.

Outstanding digitisation

Your documents are digitised completely and precisely. The character recognition meets the highest demands, even with handwriting or obliquely printed input stamps, etc. Only the highest quality of the OCR engine allows the information to be processed as automatically as possible.

Automatic finding

The data are completely digitised with additional information - not as pixel graves for image filing, but with comprehensive search functions: Not only keywords are automatically found and displayed on the screen, but also topics and contexts (semantic search).

Speed and fewer mistakes

Claims and benefits processing is optimised for your customers. IDP enables digital workflows without media discontinuity. Even in archives and complex claims files, you can quickly find the information you need for processing.

Better decisions

Various automation techniques (including artificial intelligence) are used in a modular fashion. The automatic evaluation of large document inventories enables trend analyses and reliable forecasting models - for better, data-based business decisions.

Rely on intelligent document processing!

We will help you with this.

Your claims experts know what information you need to make a decision. They also know in which mountains of files this data is hidden. But searching and finding is still annoying "manual work" for you? Let the machine do it for you!

  • We help you step by step with recognition, better digitisation, automation and decision support.
  • We have many years of experience in document management, enterprise content management and automation. With innovative building blocks and solution components, we help insurers gain critical capabilities for successful digitalisation.

Intelligent Document Processing - step by step

Intelligent Document Processing must be viewed and optimized as a process from start to finish. Each stage builds on the quality of the preliminary stage. If, in the worst case, only a black fax is read at the OCR input, even an AI cannot do anything with it.

Graphic visualising the individual steps in Intelligent Document Processing

Recognition, document classification and extraction of the relevant specialist data are important automation steps. In the ideal case of dark processing, knowledge is automatically generated from data and a digital workflow is triggered for further processing.mDifferent technologies are used in each stage, certainly also from different manufacturers - depending on where the individual strengths lie.

  • Together with you, we realize automation potentials in the business processes and support you in tool selection and implementation.

Use cases of Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing facilitates the daily work of insurers in various ways. We will show you exactly how with three application examples:

Create full text layers
Handwriting recognition
Automatic generation of recognition alternatives for post-correction/ further processing

We build your Intelligent Document Processing together with you!

  • We would be happy to advise you in a non-binding conversation about the application possibilities of Intelligent Document Processing and its implementation in your company.
  • For a fast start, we recommend a half-day discovery workshop, which we currently also conduct online and adapt individually to your needs.

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