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Work more flexibly, effectively and cost-efficiently with containers and cloud technologies

More and more companies are turning to container and cloud technologies – but at the same time, there is still confusion and misunderstanding around the topic. We help you to fully exploit opportunities offered by the technology – both with consulting and implementation.

Cloud does not always have to be public

When people talk about cloud, many automatically think of "public cloud". But cloud doesn't necessarily mean that users have to move their data to a public cloud. Private and hybrid (multi)cloud environments can be designed and operated just as securely and consistently as "traditional" infrastructures – but in reality, you don't have to give up either one. Thanks to the versatility and flexibility of the technology, users can build their infrastructure on a "mix & match" basis and run their workloads in any platform. And what do cloud technologies contribute to success? Scalability, high availability and streamlined, accelerated process flows – simply through a modern architecture of infrastructure.

What the cloud can do for you

Enabler of "New Work"

Cloud technologies have opened new doors to networking and collaboration: applications running in the cloud can be accessed by entire teams simultaneously. Thus, projects become real teamwork - even when employees are physically distributed.

Moreover, technology makes it possible to involve not only employees, but also customers and partners in day-to-day business. With the help of APIs, you can make data and services available to others - or access them from others - or even build a whole new business model.

Cloud-native as an architectural approach

"Cloud-native" describes the approach in which the individual services of an application are packaged in containers and then made available as microservices. Unlike virtual machines, containers can be quickly scaled up and down at any time, which ensures efficiency and flexibility. The Cloud Native architectural approach enables agile DevOps processes, resulting in numerous benefits: Continouos integration facilitates collaboration between developers. This significantly shortens lead times. In addition, the rollout of updates and patches can be accelerated, or even fully automated.

Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is a system of tools and technologies that connects diverse applications, systems, repositories and IT environments for real-time exchange of data and processes. Once connected, various devices can access the data and integrated cloud services over a network or the Internet.

Cloud integration serves to break down data silos, improve interconnectedness and visibility, and thereby optimize business processes. It is the answer to the need to share data between cloud-based applications and unify information components.

Develop your cloud strategy with us!

Market leaders in almost all industries already have an enterprise-wide cloud strategy, and some even operate according to the "cloud-first" principle. To remain competitive in the long term and be able to adapt to the demands of the "new world", you must also move in the direction of the cloud. The advantages offered by this technology are undisputed – and the competitive pressure is constantly increasing.

Talk to us! Together with you, we will find the right cloud solution for your goals. We advise you on how you can use the cloud to develop a flexible, scalable and – as before – secure, new approach to your data and applications.

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