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Standard software often cannot completely fulfill a company's own requirements - TIMETOACT therefore develops customized solutions for you.

Nowadays, people feel that there is already a corresponding software solution for every need - but in our experience, this is not the case: company-specific requirements are often so complex - due to compliance guidelines, the existing software landscape, etc. - that they cannot be met by standardized software.

Technological progress is bringing many changes to software development as well: with container technologies and Docker, applications can be designed more flexibly than ever before. More and more companies are replacing their monolithic applications so that they can take full advantage of the technology. Meanwhile, cloud-native is the standard approach when it comes to software development. 

The development process itself is now also focused on different principles: instead of the waterfall project methodology, projects are now carried out in an agile manner. This means that the project does not run in a rigid framework, but that it is coordinated with the customer several times during the process, at smaller intervals - this makes it possible to respond flexibly to requirements that arise in the meantime and generally leads to shorter development times as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, applications today need to be developed for a number of different platforms: in addition to traditional desktop applications, there is often a need for a mobile and/or tablet variant. Hybrid mobile apps and cross-platform apps can run on any device, regardless of the operating system. However, the development of such applications requires profound know-how, as the number of frameworks for programming apps is constantly growing and existing tools are constantly being developed.

TIMETOACT's experts have been developing custom software, as well as mobile and web apps, for years and have programming skills in a variety of languages - ensuring that you get the perfect solution developed for your needs. Our developers receive ongoing training and are therefore able to use state-of-the-art technologies for your software - based on modern project management methods such as Agile (and including Scrum). To ensure ongoing communication with the customer, we rely on collaboration tools.

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